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“The form and melody of an old Appalachian ballad, but the electric textures of Buddy Miller-esque Americana country rock.”
— Craig Havighurst (Music City Roots)
“Authentic is the word most often used to describe Sara Syms. An artist willing to be intimate and vulnerable with her fans.”
— Katharine Richardson (No Depression)
“Gripping, honest music. She raises her voice in the same atmosphere as Margo Timmons of Cowboy Junkies.”
— Johan Schoenmakers (altcountryforum.nl)
“Sara Syms lyrics, melodies & vocals are passionate, compelling, heartfelt & soul stirring. The result is pure aural beauty.”
— Bob Leone (Songwriters Hall of Fame)
Cuts crisp through the genre clutter that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart and soul.
— David Namerow (musician)
“Sara Syms weaves a magnificent tapestry of folk, roots and Americana music creating a vast opportunity for massive popularity.”
— Billy Block (The Billy Block Show)
“Her music and voice are dark celebrations of americana music, reminding the listener of long pensive drives down dusty dirt roads.”
— Marc Emert-Hutner (Senior Director ASCAP)
“Once in a while there is an artist with such a talent that it makes you step out of your musical comfort zone and explore their world.”
— Jessica Nguyen (ThatMag)
“A very talented songwriter, with the purest of vocals. Fade to Blue is an incredibly promising debut album.”
— Freddie Celis (rootstime.be)
Fade to Blue is a tight, cohesive album. Syms sounds most at home with her own sound here, and her voice sounds truly exquisite.
— Olivia Snider (Stereo Subversion)