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Way Back Home (Oct 2015)

Upcoming album Way Back Home is set to be released Oct 9, 2015. Recorded analog @ GaluminumFoil Studios (NYC). Produced by Chris Cubeta and Nick Africano. Mixed by Chris Cubeta. Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Airshow Mastering (MD).

01. Way Back Home
02. Running Away From Me
03. Almost Home
04. Hard Work Pay
05. Bright Dreams, Lonely Days
06. Real Bad Low
07. Crossroads
08. Land Where The Blues Began
09. Take Me On
10. In Time

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Fade To Blue (May 2013)

Debut album Fade to Blue was recorded upstate NY with engineer Matthew Cullen (Ray LaMontagne, Rachael Yamagata, My Morning Jacket) at Dreamland Studios; a 19th century country church that has hosted such legends as Pat Metheny, The Band and Herbie Hancock. Produced by Lynn Verlayne, mixed by Scott Jacoby, mastered by The Lodge (NYC) and nominated for IMEA's Americana Album of the Year (2014).

01. Devil Came Around
02. Dance On My Grave
03. Fade To Blue
04. Hang On To Me
05. Someday
06. Gypsy Dreams
07. One Last Hit
08. To Be In Love
09. Waves Crashing
10. Free
11. All We Have Is Now

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